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Pearl Spamming was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained for historical purposes.

Pearl Spamming was a technique primarily used to level up Pets and Combat by killing Endermen spawned from pearls. Because of recent updates, this method doesn’t work anymore.

Most often people will hire other players to hold the right mouse button with pearls in their hands to continuously throw them. The player will die many, many times, but the pearl lands after the death, meaning that they will immediately be teleported to the same spot. It is highly recommended to do this with an empty purse.

Many pearl spammers will choose to throw their pearls at one of the spires coming vertically out of the end. This is because they are secluded areas and others will not try to steal Enderman that the pearl spammer has spawned.

Most pearl spamming offers are available from around 400k per hour to up to 650k per hour.

Self Pearl Spamming[]

If you do not want to pay someone else to do it for you, you can both pearl spam and kill the Enderman.

  • First, go on one of the Obsidian Spikes on the outside of the End Island, preferably as low as possible so the Endermen will have 9000 HP.
  • Pearl Spam for a while.
  • Use AOE damage to anger all the Endermen and go above the Void, the Endermen will follow you and die. Alternatively, you can just use high AOE damage (like the Spirit Sceptre) to kill the Endermen.
  • If you have a maxed Personal Bank, you should deposit all your coins so you don't lose them on the next pearl spam

*This method has officially been patched according to the Oct 30th Halloween Update (patch note locations are unknown)[]