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Ranged Weapons are a big part of SkyBlock. Ender Dragons, Magma Cube Bosses, and even Endstone Protectors to some extent, are all mainly defeated using Bows. There's even an entire Dungeon Class dedicated to it: the Archer.

Early Game[]

There aren't many cheap bows worth getting, but if you really want one, the Wither Bow, Artisanal Shortbow, Savanna Bow, Decent Bow, Prismarine Bow and Vanilla Bow are okay. Complete the archery challenge so you can buy different types of arrows from Jax

The more expensive ones used in late early game are:

  • Runaan's Bow is a strong bow that fires 3 arrows at a time. It is the 2nd best bow outside of Dungeons damage-wise.
  • Explosive Bow has the special property of creating an AOE explosion from every arrow. Because of that, you can use it to kill Endermen and kill mobs through terrain. Some people use this to grind Zealots more efficiently, although the Frozen Scythe and other Magic Weapons are often considered better.
  • Hurricane Bow is a cheaper version of the Runaan's Bow that shoots 5 arrows instead of 3. While it does deal less damage, it is still enough to one-shot Ruin Wolves and low-level Spiders, which is why in certain scenarios(such as dungeons) it can be considered better. Also, it synergises better with the Rend enchantment due to more arrows being shot.
  • Magma Bow is a slightly stronger Savanna bow. However, it needs magma cream as well as arrows, and the double damage sometimes doesn't happen.

Mid Game[]

There are several bows you can get during Mid Game:

  • Last Breath is a bow that reduces ❈ Defense which makes it a strong bow when fighting mobs with high defense (e.g Lost Adventurer, Tank Zombie and Super Tank Zombie)
  • The Juju Shortbow is very useful in Dungeons because it has no drawback time, making it one of the most recommended bows during mid game. Also, it is recommended to apply the Soul Eater Enchantment due to the fact that it instantly shoots arrows.
  • Spider Queen's Stinger is a great bow with the normal version costing about 300,000 coins and when starred, 500,000 coins to 850,000 coins and can shoot Enderman.
  • Venom's Touch does moderate damage, and it's ability is decent too.
  • Bonemerang used to be the strongest bow until sword swapping was patched. Its only use at the moment is to stun Thorn when you do it rapidly.
  • Souls Rebound does a lot of damage and it's stacking ability is good for dungeon bosses.
  • Spirit Bow (not to be confused with the Spirit Bow you need to kill Thorn) is a good bow inside Dungeons and can be used while being are a ghost.

Late Game[]

  • The Mosquito Bow is slightly stronger than the Runaan's Bow during Dragon Fights. It is also the only bow that players can rely on to consistently one-shot Wolves in the Howling Cave, even when they don't charge the arrow all the way.
  • Death Bow is a strong bow in dungeons due to it dealing 100% more ᚏ Damage to undead mobs. It also has a 50% chance to bounce to another enemy after hitting an enemy. When used with Bouncy Arrows, the bounce rate will turn to 100% chance.

End Game[]