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As of the Dungeons update, more reforges were added to encourage players to adjust the best reforges for their roles. Due to the new update, recommendations might change. This list excludes reforge stones, which are generally better. (EXAMPLES AND EXPERIENCES ABOUT COMBINATIONS NEEDED, PLEASE ADD)

Recommended Reforges for: Stat to increase Reforge
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Armor ❤ Health and ❈ Defense Titanic, Heavy, Reinforced1
✎ Intelligence Wise
☣ Crit Chance and ᚏ Damage Fierce, Pure2
Accessories ᚏ Damage Strong, Forceful, Hurtful
☣ Crit Chance Unpleasant3
✎ Intelligence Demonic, Bizarre4
Bows ᚏ Damage and ☣ Crit Chance Unreal
☣ Crit Chance Hasty, Deadly
Swords ᚏ Damage Spicy
✎ Intelligence Heroic
☣ Crit Chance Sharp, Legendary5
1 Heavy is better for EHP than Titanic. However, Heavy provides debuffs to Critical Damage and Speed. It is instead recommended to use Reinforced, which keeps Heavy's high defense but without any debuffs. Reinforced is extremely cheap.

2 While fierce is better for damage, pure provides invaluable Critical Chance and Attack Speed, and should be used if the player is low in those stats.

3 In general, Unpleasant should only be used if the player is in desperate need of Critical Chance as it provides absolutely no stats other than CC. It is much more recommended to use Pure on armor, Sharp on swords, etc. than Unpleasant.

4 Bizarre gives more Intelligence than Demonic. However, Bizarre also reduces your critical damage, which for most is not a good trade.

5 Legendary produces higher damage. However, Sharp gives more critical chance.

Recommended Reforge (with Reforge Stones)[]

Recommended Reforges for: Stats to increase Reforge
Armor ❤ Health and ❈ Defense Reinforced, Perfect, Giant1
✎ Intelligence Necrotic, Loving2
ᚏ Damage and ☣ Crit Chance Ancient, Renowned3
Accessories ᚏ Damage and ☠ Crit Damage Shaded, Strong, Silky4
✎ Intelligence Bizarre, Demonic
⚔ Bonus Attack Speed Bloody, Strange5
Bows ᚏ Damage Spiritual, Precise6
Swords ᚏ Damage Suspicious, Dirty, Withered, Fabled7
☣ Crit Chance Suspicious
✎ Intelligence Heroic
⚔ Bonus Attack Speed Fast
1 Generally, Giant is better than Perfect. However, perfect may be better for armors that give low defense, such as Storm's Armor. Reinforced is the worst of the bunch but it is the cheapest of the bunch by far.

2 Loving produces less Intelligence than Necrotic. However, the 5% ability damage buff makes it a much better choice than Necrotic on chestplates.

3 Ancient is the recommended one of the bunch. However, Renowned is better if the player's Catacombs level is extremely low, or if the player's mining level is too low to put on Ancient.

4 Strong is best on Mythic and Legendary. Shaded is best on lower rarity talismans, while silky Is best on common talismans.

5 Strange is only viable on Uncommon, Epic, and Mythic talismans. Bloody is best on all other rarities.

6 Precise is better than Spiritual if the player hits the enemy in the head. However, Precise DOES NOT work on Bonemerangs.

7 There is now debated if withered is still better after the nerf to strength, strength and Critical Damage are equal in damage boost, and so fabled grants less raw stats but does have a chance to do up to 20% more damage as a bonus perk, which on average grants damage higher then withered however withered can still beat it out with a high catacombs lvl, although the difference is not as drastic as before.