Ultimate Enchantments add unique effects to Weapons and Armor by combining them in an anvil. Ultimate Enchantments cost more levels to combine than normal enchantment books. Only one ultimate enchantment can be added to an item. If attempting to apply another Ultimate Enchantment to an item already with an Ultimate Enchantment, the previous Ultimate Enchantment will be overwritten.

  1. List of Ultimate Enchantments
    3.0.Bank 3.1.Chimera 3.2.Combo
    3.3.Legion 3.4.Last Stand 3.5.No Pain No Gain
    3.6.One For All 3.7.Rend 3.8.Soul Eater
    3.9.Swarm 3.10.Ultimate Jerry 3.11.Ultimate Wise
  2. XP Levels
  3. Tips
  4. History
  5. Trivia
  6. References

List of Ultimate Enchantments[edit | edit source]

Name Description Enchanting Level Required Source Levels Effect Item
Bank Saves 10% of your coins per level on death.

(2 pieces with Bank V = 100%)

16 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest I - 10% Armor
II - 20%
III - 30%
IV - 40%
V - 50%
Chimera Copies 20% per level of your active pet's stats. 31 Rare drop from Minos Inquisitor I - 20% Weapons
II - 40%
III - 60%
IV - 80%
V - 100%
Combo Every mob kill within 3 seconds per level grants +2 Strength icon.pngStrength and +1 Crit damage icon.pngCrit Damage.

(Levels only affect duration)

24 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest I - 3s Weapons
II - 6s
III - 9s
IV - 12s
V - 15s
Last Stand Increases your Defense icon.pngDefense by +5% per level when you are below 40% Health icon.pngHealth.

(Defense is not currently increased by 5% per level but rather by a flat 5 per level, it is unknown if this is intended)

30 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest on Floor III or higher I - 5 Armor
II - 10
III - 15
IV - 20
V - 25
Legion Increases most your player stats except Health by +0.07% per player per level within 30 blocks of you, up to 20 players. 34 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest on Floor V I - 0.07 Armor
II - 0.14
III - 0.21
IV - 0.28
V - 0.35
No Pain No Gain You have 20% chance per level to gain 10 experience orbs every time you take hits from mobs.

(Levels affect only chance, not experience gained.)

29 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest I - 20 Armor
II - 40
III - 60
IV - 80
V - 100
One For All Removes all other enchants but increases your weapon damage by 210%. 0 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest on Floor VII I - 210% Weapons
Rend Grants a bow a Left Click ability that rips out the arrows from nearby enemies and deals 5% per level of your last critical hit for every arrow in the target. 2s Cooldown. Max of 5 arrows at a time. 32 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest on Floor IV I - 5 Bows
II - 10
III - 15
IV - 20
V - 25
Soul Eater Your weapon gains 2x the Strength icon.pngStrength of the latest monster killed and applies it on your next hit.

(The 'Strength' of a mob in this case is equivalent to the mob's damage.)

36 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest on Floor VII I - 2x Weapons & Bows
II - 4x
III - 6x
IV - 8x
V - 10x
Swarm Increases your damage by 1.25% per level for each enemy within 10 blocks. Maximum of 16 enemies. 35 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest on Floor VI I - 1.25% Weapons
II - 2.50%
III - 3.75%
IV - 5%
V - 6.25%
Ultimate Jerry Increases the base Damage Icon.pngDamage of Aspect of the Jerry by 1000% per level 18 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest I - 1000% Aspect of the Jerry
II - 2000%
III - 3000%
IV - 4000%
V - 5000%
Ultimate Wise Reduces the ability Intelligence icon.pngMana Cost of this item by 10% per level 20 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest I - 10 Weapons

(With Ability)

II - 20
III - 30
IV - 40
V - 50
Wisdom Gain 1 Intelligence icon.pngIntelligence per level, for every 5 levels of exp you have on you. Capped at 20 Intelligence icon.pngIntelligence per level .

(Levels only affect intelligence, not amount of levels per.)

27 Dungeon Post-Boss Chest I - 1, 20 Armor
II - 2, 40
III - 3, 60
IV - 4, 80
V - 5, 100

XP Levels[edit | edit source]

Ultimate Enchantments does count anvil uses for enchant cost calculation. The levels needed for combining/applying Ultimate Enchantments are listed in the following table:

Ultimate Enchantment level Cost to combine from previous level books Total cost to combine from level I books Cost to apply to an item
I 45 levels
II 0 levels 0 levels (2 books) 91 levels
III 0 levels 0 levels (4 books) 136 levels
IV 0 levels 0 levels (8 books) 179 levels
V 0 levels 0 levels (16 books) 223 levels

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Ultimate Enchantments for Armor pieces stack. Bank 5 + 5 works.

History[edit | edit source]

SkyBlock Prototype
July 7, 20200.8Added Ultimate Enchantments.
Added Bank I-V.
Added Combo I-V.
Added Last Stand I-V.
Added No Pain No Gain I-V.
Added Ultimate Jerry I-V.
Added Ultimate Wise I-V.
Added Wisdom I-V.
July 30, 2020Added Rend I-V.
No Pain No Gain buffed from 2 to 10 orbs.
Sep 8, 20200.9Added Chimera I-V.
Sep 17, 20200.9.1Increased Strength icon.pngStrength buff of Combo (from 1 to 2).
Added Legion I-V.
Sep 18, 2020Nerfed Legion: -0.53% all stat boost per player per level (from +0.6% to +0.07%), +14 effective radius (from 16 to 30), no longer increases Health icon.pngHealth.
Oct 1, 20200.9.4Added Swarm I-V.
Oct 14, 2020One For All I and Soul Eater I leaked in Jayavarmen's inventory.
Nov 17, 20200.9.13-90% damage bonus of One For All I (from +300% to +210%).
Changed Soul Eater to gain 2x the Strength icon.pngStrength of the previous mob killed instead of 1%, per level.
Added One For All I.
Added Soul Eater I-V.
Nov 18, 2020Fixed Soul Eater granting too much damage.
Dec 4, 20200.10Reduced cost of applying Ultimate Enchantments to items to 45, 91, 136, 179, 223 (from 50, 100, 150, 200, 250).
Ultimate Enchantments now require a certain Enchanting skill level to apply and use (except One For All).
Nerfed Rend to only work with 5 arrows at a time.
Jan 15, 20210.11Description of Legion now reads "Increases most of your player stats by..." instead of "Increases all your player stats except Health by..." This is because Legion does not increase the new stats Mining Speed Icon.pngMining Speed, Fortune Icon.pngMining Fortune, Fortune Icon.pngForaging Fortune and Fortune Icon.pngFarming Fortune.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Rend enchant is inspired off a League of Legends' character Kalista.
    • Kalista's third ability and the enchant have the same name and functions similarly.
  • The Soul Eater enchant is a reference to the TV Anime Soul Eater.
  • The Rend enchantment is directly related to the Mega Walls gamemode. It functions in the same way as Renegade's "Rend" ability.
  • The Bank enchantment is stackable on separate armor pieces.
    • This makes it possible to get to 100% fewer coins lost on death, i.e. no coins lost at all.
    • This can be overpowered for pearl spamming, as it results in no money lost at all, but pearl spamming was removed in an update.
  • The Wisdom enchantment is also stackable on separate armor pieces.
    • This can, in theory, give an additional 400 Intelligence icon.pngIntelligence with a full armor set with Wisdom 5 and 100 experience levels.
  • All other enchantments currently do not stack.
  • Although Last Stand's description says it increases Defense icon.pngDefense by a percentage, it'll give only by an exact amount. This means that instead of getting 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%, the user actually gains only 5/10/15/20/25 Defense icon.pngDefense. It's unknown if this is intentional or not.
  • Sometimes Last Stand and Wisdom won't work when they reach the enchantment's threshold.
  • As of an undocumented change included with the 0.9.0 update, Ultimate Enchantments now add anvil uses to an item as a normal enchantment would.
  • With the exception of Chimera, all Ultimate Enchantments are obtained from Dungeon chests.
  • With the Mana cost of the Flower of Truth changed, Ultimate Wise can now be used on it.
  • One For All might be a reference to Izuku Midoriya's Quirk in My Hero Academia, with the same name, which boosts his strength as the Ultimate enchant does. Also, the debuff of removing all other enchantments may be related to the fact that he does not have any other quirks.
  • Swarm increases damage for both melee attacks and magic abilities.
  • It's possible for chimera to deal more damage than one for all.

References[edit | edit source]

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