aka MeedasGuy

  • I live in fear of my Skyblock account getting wiped
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My favorite pagesEdit

  • Never Gonna Give
  • You
  • Up Never
  • Gonna
  • Let
  • You Down Never Gonna
  • Run Around
  • And Desert You
  • Never Gonna Make You
  • Cry Never
  • Gonna Say Goodbye

My Skyblock ProgressEdit

  • IGN: MeedasGuy
  • Weapon: screw you I ain’t listing all of my weapons
  • Armor: Adaptive Armor, Full hpb wise armor, Reaper Mask, Tarantula Armor, farmer boots, I think I have lapis armor too idk

More Stuff (Epic)Edit

  • I have a YouTube channel but it's bad don't watch
  • I used to have a guild but it was so bad I ditched it and the guy that got guild master disbanded it.
  • I hate Jerry jokes, Jerry is ok tho
  • Kirby is my main in smash bros
  • I played fortnite for 2 weeks during Season 3
  • I paid 5,000,000 coins for my Wise Dragon Armor
  • I just remembered I was working on a discord bot, will probably never touch it again.
  • Unity's Particle System is very versatile
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