aka Xx_Da_Homeboi_xX

Content Moderator
  • I live in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • I was born on May 24
  • My occupation is using the power of anime
  • I am a nerd

ALRIGT. Time to say something about how I know all of the new stuff. I actually don't have any of the items I do my research on. However tho, I'm working on a project based on the wiki. I'm only just using it to rank EVERY SINGLE THING IN SKYBLOCK from worst to best.

Note that I'm a content mod, so message me or other content mods and staff(Herobravo, Burntedt, and Snoo999(As Content Mods), they are all pretty active) if you need a page deleted, protected, or rolled back.

Some neat stuff

  • I am a Person
  • I believe in the Holy Bread Sandwich
  • I play D&D(I'm a nerd, deal with it)
  • I live in Central Time world
  • I do life
  • Kirby Music is the best music. Change my mind.
  • Idk why this wiki is not on my Favorite Wiki List, I have done a lot of contributions here.
  • I'm a huge fan of Nintendo stuff. I have a Nintendo Switch and do a lot of Pokémon Sword and Super Mario Maker 2 on it.
  • I play Wynncraft(I reprogrammed the whole Antikythera Supercomputer system from Cerid to make a greeting machine. It may be rude sometimes, please excuse that.)
  • I now finally use Discord :D (My Discord name is the same as my IGN)
  • I have nothing else to say
  • Filler
  • Sample Text
  • Q&A:
    • Q: What would you say if I wasn't an experienced editor?
      • A: Then practice! Use your own personal Sandbox or the Wiki Sandbox, as that is for testing out templates and other stuff. I too am learning how to use some templates.
    • Q: Someone vandalized a page, what can I do to help?
      • A: If a page got vandalized, chances are that within at most 5 minutes, a staff member will see it and rollback the page and report the said vandalizer(If they are an Admin or above, they can block them from editing). However, if your own profile page got vandalized, a staff member can also rollback your page, just remember not to make inflammatory responses.
    • Q: What should I DM you for?
      • A: Preferably DM me if a page got vandalized or if you see a broken page, but I would prefer if you DM an admin or above since they have a better understanding than I do.
    • Q: I became a staff member, how should I use my newfound power?
      • A: Welcome to the team! Use that power for good.

Skyblock-Related Content

  • My ingame name is Xx_Da_Homeboi_xX
    • I won't do friend requests unless you do something I will cherish
  • On terms of what I use, I use an Aspect of the Dragons, Runaan's Bow, Very Strong Dragon Armor, and a Radiant Power Orb
  • Some of my current objectives are(feel free to help me on these):
    • Get a Flower Minion(2 to be exact)
    • Get Tarantula Armor
    • Get Superior Dragon Armor
    • Get Cheap Tuxedo
    • Get more money
  • If you have a museum on your island, I would appreciate it very much if I could join your island to see it. Mainly to look at Nulls, Unobtainable Items, etc.
  • Skyblock Q&A:
    • Q: Can you do a Dungeon Run with me?
      • A: I can only do up to Floor 2, not because I haven't completed F2 yet, but because I would probably be 3-4 hit killed on F3 and above. I may consider posting "Dungeon Expeditions" in the discord, as Dungeon Runs but instead of aiming for good loot or S+ rank or above, the main goal is discovery. Idk if that will fall under Skyblock-Related help/questions.
    • Q: What stage of the game would you say are in?
      • A: Probably Late-Mid or Early-Late.
    • Q: Do you use the forums?
      • A: Yes I do use the forums.
  • I don't VC or use Webcam, to me it feels overwhelming.
  • Here's my Skyblock Profile:

Slatx I am a man of my word:


A life-hack against Vandalizers

If your Profile Page gets Vandalized, it is recommended to contact a moderator who can protect your page from Vandals, as only they can revert pages and content back to an earlier phase and prohibit Vandals from editing. If you react in a heated response, they take it as a sign to continue as they want a good reaction. Another way to protect your profile page from being Vandalized is that you can Copy your whole profile page and then paste it in a Google Doc or Word Doc. Vandals can't access your documents without your permission. Vandals can be annoying. Pretty sure we all think that. Just remember, if you see an act of vandalism, replace what the Vandal said and replace it with words saying this is Vandalized Content and report it to a moderator or Admin.

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