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Stuff About Me

Hi. I'm a person. I'm kinda bad at skyblock (at the time of writing this). I knew HTML and CSS at one point, I've forgotten a lot of it already. It does come back though whenever I look through some things I did. I also knew some JS at one point. I make/update a lot of UIs on this wiki. If you ever need help with UIs, feel free to dm me on discord or leave a message on my message wall. Not sure what else to say... I guess you can look at my stats: https://sky.shiiyu.moe/stats/TheTrueShaman/Lime

Notable achievements:

SB - Foraging 28

SB - 46/62 Collections Maxed

WIKI - Top 60 achievement points (no longer applicable since achievements have since been removed).

WIKI - I've made and updated a lot of UIs.

Skyblock Goals

  • Slayers 7/6/6/1/0
 Slayers 6/6/6/0/0
  • 3/4 SA with Zombie Knight CP
 3/4 SA with Zombie Knight CP
  • True Skill Average 35
 True Skill Average 31.875
  • 2000 Weight, 1000 Skill Weight, 50 Slayer Weight, 500 Dungeon Weight (Senither Weight)
 1213 Weight
 911 Skill Weight
 29 Slayer Weight
 272 Dungeon Weight

To do List


  • Make most if not all UIs that are not finished in Project UI.
  • Update the tooltips of all reforges with special effects/reforge bonuses.


  • Make an Article of the Month on reforges and how they're an integral part of the game.
  • Redo my entire userpage and my sandboxes so that it's just cleaner.


  • Work on creating a generalized module as a calculator (and displayer) for armor stats.
  • Add all missing armor sets (if there are any) to Module:Armor/Data (note to future self: try to use coding and the items API for this, don't do it manually)

Other (not a priority)