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Due to undisclosed reasons, I will be on leave indefinitely. Please redirect all concerns to Pa3ckP7 or another Bureaucrat.
This user is a Bureaucrat, an Administrator, and a Code Editor of the wiki. The wiki is not affiliated with Hypixel.
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Hello <insert name here>, I am Thundercraft5, Also Known as Ruby on Discord. Ive Been Editing here Since Late 2019, Enjoy your stay here!

I am Part of the Administrator team, You May see me around Editing Articles, Creating Templates, Deleting Comments, or Reverting Vandalism. If you need any assistance, please go ahead and message me on my wall or Wiki Discord!

Wiki Discord!


If you want to talk with other editors on the wiki, feel free the join the wiki discord. Note: This discord isn't meant for asking for game help; discussions don't have to remain purely on topic, but keep in mind the purpose is to talk shop. You can also PM me if you join since anyone who shares a channel with me can PM me.



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the one true meme!
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They retired on: 2/13/2020.
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Technical Things I made out for the wiki

Scripts(Also Checkout my profile on the dev wiki)