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If Necron is the right-hand of the Wither King, this dark demigod is the left-hand.

The Voidgloom Seraph (/ˈsɛrəf/, "the burning one"; plural Seraphim /ˈsɛrəfɪm/)[1] is a Slayer Boss in the Enderman Slayer branch. It is an Enderman with strong attacks. It is significantly stronger than the previous Slayer bosses.

Defeating the Tier III Voidgloom Seraph results in unlocking the Blaze Slayer quest and the Inferno Demonlord boss.


The Voidgloom Seraph spawns as the end boss of a Enderman Slayer Quest after the required amount of Combat XP is earned by killing Enderman-type mobs. When the last required mob is killed, purple particles will appear around the location of its death, and the Voidgloom Seraph will spawn in its place after a short time.

Each tier of the Seraph requires the previous tier to have been defeated at least once. The Tier I Seraph requires a Tier IV Sven Packmaster kill to start.

Tier Cost Exp Req
for Boss
I 2,000 coins 2,750
II 7,500 coins 6,600
III 20,000 coins 11,000
IV 50,000 coins 22,000


Icon Drop LVL Req Amount Drop Chance
Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV Odds Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Null Sphere Null Sphere Null Sphere 0 2-3 14-24 60-80 105-155 Guaranteed(100%) 100%
Twilight Arrow Poison Twilight Arrow Poison Twilight Arrow Poison 0 16 24-32 60-64 Occasional(20%) 15.15% 13.55% 12.90%
◆ Endersnake Rune I Endersnake Rune Endersnake Rune I 0 1 Rare(5%) 2.45% 5.42%
Summoning Eye Summoning Eye Summoning Eye 1 1 Extraordinary(1%) 0.67% 0.6% 0.57%
Enchanted Book Enchanted Book Enchanted Book (Mana Steal I) 2 1 Rare(5%) 4.52% 4.3%
Transmission Tuner Transmission Tuner Transmission Tuner 3 1 Rare(5%) 2.26% 2.15%
Null Atom Null Atom Null Atom 4 1 Rare(5%) 3.77% 5.05%
Hazmat Enderman Hazmat Enderman Hazmat Enderman 4 1 Extraordinary(1%) 1.04% 0.99%
Pocket Espresso Machine Pocket Espresso Machine Pocket Espresso Machine 4 1 Pray RNGesus(<1%) 0.39%
Enchanted Book Enchanted Book Enchanted Book (Smarty Pants I) 5 1 Extraordinary(1%) 1.79%
◆ End Rune I End Rune End Rune I 5 1 Extraordinary(1%) 0.71%
Handy Blood Chalice Handy Blood Chalice Handy Blood Chalice 5 1 Pray RNGesus(<1%) 0.18%
Sinful Dice Sinful Dice Sinful Dice 6 1 Extraordinary(1%) 0.47%
Exceedingly Rare Ender Artifact Upgrader Exceedingly Rare Ender Artifact Upgrader Exceedingly Rare Ender Artifact Upgrader 6 1 Pray RNGesus(<1%) 0.03%
Void Conqueror Enderman Skin Void Conqueror Enderman Skin Void Conqueror Enderman Skin 7 1 Pray RNGesus(<1%) 0.18%
Etherwarp Merger Etherwarp Merger Etherwarp Merger 7 1 Extraordinary(1%) 0.43%
Judgement Core Judgement Core Judgement Core 7 1 Pray RNGesus(<1%) 0.06%
◆ Enchant Rune I Enchant Rune Enchant Rune I 7 1 Pray RNGesus(<1%) 0.05%
Enchanted Book Enchanted Book Enchanted Book (Ender Slayer VII) 7 1 RNGesus Incarnate(≪1%) 0.01%


The Voidgloom Seraph is an Enderman-type mob hostile to all players. It has the appearance of an enderman with critical particles following it. It has a smaller aggro range compared to other Slayers.

Half the damage of all Voidgloom Seraphim is dealt as AoE damage, damaging all players fighting the Seraph in range.

Occasionally, it will teleport behind or to the side of the player it is attacking. This teleport ability has unlimited range.[2] The Seraph will only teleport if the player is moving, and with increased chance if they haven't attacked in a while. The Seraph will never teleport during its shield phase.

All Voidgloom Seraphim are immune to the abilities of Aspect of the Dragons and Ice Spray Wand. They are immune to water damage.[3][Confirm] Like normal Endermen, they are also immune to most arrows, except those from Juju Shortbow and Terminator.

Upon spawning and upon reaching 2/3 and 1/3 health, it protects itself with a hitshield (Malevolent Hitshield). This shield has no invincibility frames but each hit drains the shield by 1 regardless of damage. All types of arrows can damage this shield. In this state, it cannot teleport. Purple particles surround the Seraph when its shield is up. Upon being destroyed, it resumes attacking as normal.

Ferocity Stat Icon.pngFerocity is 75% less effective on all Seraphim except when the Hitshield is NOT active.

As with all Slayer bosses, if the Voidgloom Seraph has not dealt damage to a player for some time, it will begin rapidly regenerating Health Stat Icon.pngHealth. The regeneration immediately stops when it hits a player again. If 4 minutes pass without the boss being defeated, it will despawn, failing the Slayer quest. A timer is shown above its head indicating the remaining time.

Voidling Fanatic and Voidling Extremist spawns are suppressed in the vicinity of a Voidgloom Seraph.

Each tier has all of the abilities from the ones before it.

Tier Health Stat Icon.pngHealth Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage Ability Slayer XP Reward
I 300kHealth Stat Icon.png 1200 Dissonance Once in a while, teleport behind or to the sides of the player.

Also, the boss deals half of its DPS as AOE.

5 XP
Malevolent Hitshield Gain a shield for X1 hits, reduced on hit regardless of damage.

Receives -75% Ferocity Stat Icon.pngFerocity from your hits while the shield is NOT active.

The boss gains +X2 DPS each 3s while the shield is up.

II 15MHealth Stat Icon.png 5000 Yang Glyphs The boss holds a beacon for 2 seconds then throws it to a random spot nearby.

Touch the beacon with your body to break the glyph.

Failing to break a glyph within 5s instantly kills you. (This can be bypassed with the Wither Cloak Sword ability.)

25 XP
III 66,666,666Health Stat Icon.png 12000 Nukekubi Fixations Spawns heads which will travel to a random location around the player and then float there.

Clear heads by looking at them for half a second.

Each head deals X DPS. That amount is doubled for each other head alive.

100 XP
IV 300MHealth Stat Icon.png 21000 Broken Heart Radiation Becomes immune to damage and casts dangerous moving beams.

Touching a beam deals 25% of your as true damage.

Touching a beam also decreases your incoming healing by 12% for 90s.

500 XP

Tier I

  • Malevolent Hitshield appears upon spawning and reaching 200kHealth Stat Icon.png (2/3) and 100kHealth Stat Icon.png (1/3). It has 15 hits. The boss does not gain DPS while the shield is up.

Tier II

  • Malevolent Hitshield appears upon spawning and reaching 10MHealth Stat Icon.png (2/3) and 5MHealth Stat Icon.png (1/3). It has 30 hits. The boss does not gain DPS while the shield is up.
  • Yang Glyphs appear upon reaching 7.5MHealth Stat Icon.png (1/2).
    • The Seraph will begin to hold Yang Glyphs, which appear as a beacon. After 2 seconds, it will throw the glyph to a nearby spot. Any player fighting the Seraph can destroy the glyph by standing adjacent to or on top of it. If it is not destroyed within 5 seconds, it deals 15,000,000 damage[Confirm] to all players fighting the Seraph. The abilities of the Mithril Coat and Wither Cloak Sword can block this damage. Glyphs cannot be thrown when the Hitshield is up. The Seraph will continue to try to throw Glyphs until it is defeated.

Tier III

  • Malevolent Hitshield appears upon spawning and reaching 44,444,444Health Stat Icon.png (2/3) and 22,222,222Health Stat Icon.png (1/3). It has 60 hits. The boss gains +3,000 DPS every 3s the shield is up; this bonus DPS is removed once the shield is destroyed.
  • Yang Glyphs begin at 44,444,444Health Stat Icon.png (2/3) and are thrown more often.
  • Nukekubi Fixation heads spawn around the player it is attacking upon reaching 22,222,222Health Stat Icon.png (1/3). The heads can be destroyed by looking directly at them for 0.5s. They can be destroyed through walls. When they are destroyed, they will play a hissing sound. Each head attacks with a faint blue laser, and deals base 800 DPS, which is doubled for each head alive.

The Nukekubi Fixation

DPS by Active Heads (Tier III)
Number of heads Total damage per second
1 800
2 3,200
3 9,600
4 25,600
5 64,000

Tier IV

  • Malevolent Hitshield appears upon spawning and reaching 200MHealth Stat Icon.png (2/3) and 100MHealth Stat Icon.png (1/3). It has 100 hits. The boss gains +3,000 DPS every 3s the shield is up; this bonus DPS is removed once the shield is destroyed.
  • Yang Glyphs begin at 200MHealth Stat Icon.png (2/3) and are thrown at the same rate as Tier III.
  • Nukekubi Fixation heads spawn upon reaching 100MHealth Stat Icon.png (1/3). Each head deals base 2,000 DPS, which is doubled for each head alive.
DPS by Active Heads (Tier IV)
Number of heads Total damage per second
1 2,000
2 8,000
3 24,000
4 64,000
5 160,000
  • Broken Heart Radiation occurs at 250MHealth Stat Icon.png (5/6), 150MHealth Stat Icon.png (1/2) and 50MHealth Stat Icon.png (1/6).
    • The Seraph becomes invulnerable and stops moving for 8 seconds, taking the appearance of being seated. Explosion particles appear centered on the Seraph when this starts.
    • During this time, it casts 12 Broken Heart Radiation beams: 4 groups of 3 20-block long beams, stacked 1 block on top of each other, each group at 90° to each other. The beams pass through walls. The beams rotate clockwise for the duration, completing 1 full rotation in the 8 seconds. They begin blue and change to purple, then green over the duration.
    • Any player fighting the Seraph who comes into contact with a beam takes 25% of their health as true damage and has their healing reduced by 12% for 90s. The healing reduction stacks. In addition, any player fighting the Seraph who steps out of reach of the beams begins to take damage rapidly.
    • Yang Glyphs and Nukekubi Fixations can be thrown in this phase.


These are possible Minibosses that could spawn upon killing a Enderman when a Voidgloom Seraph Slayer quest is active. It is also possible that after killing one of these minibosses, another could spawn immediately.

Name Health Stat Icon.pngHealth Damage Stat Icon.pngDamage Exp Given Upon Death Minimum Tier to Spawn Drops
Voidling Devotee 12MHealth Stat Icon.png 5,000 800 Tier III
Voidling Radical 25MHealth Stat Icon.png 7,400 2000 Tier IV
Voidcrazed Maniac 75MHealth Stat Icon.png 25,000 5000 Tier IV


  • The Tier IV Voidgloom Seraph has one of the highest Health Stat Icon.pngHealth of all non-dungeon enemies in the game.
  • Yang Glyphs and Nukekubi Fixation heads can be thrown through walls, and in extremely rare cases, to inaccessible locations. Heads can still be destroyed by looking above them.[4]
  • Thrown Yang Glyphs can sometimes replace transparent blocks such as stairs and glass panes. When the Glyph is destroyed, the block will not be replaced until the server restarts.
  • When using Broken Heart Radiation, the particles from the Seraph teleporting to the player will sometimes show. The Seraph will not move.
  • The Seraph's invulnerability during Broken Heart Radiation does not start until the lasers are fired, leaving a brief period of vulnerability in the transitional phase.
  • If a Tier IV Voidgloom Seraph despawns while attacking with Broken Heart Radiation, the beams will persist indefinitely. These beams are visual only.
  • Its name may be a reference to Seraph of the End.[5]
  • The name of Nukekubi Fixations are a reference to nukekubi, a mythical creature in Japanese folklore whose head detaches from its body.[6]
  • When in the Malvolent Hitshield, it can take damage using bows other than the Juju Shortbow and Terminator, making it easy to quickly defeat the shield.
  • The Voidgloom Seraph does not take damage from water and attacks less when in water.


SkyBlock Prototype
May 31, 20210.11.5Added Voidgloom Seraph.
May 31, 20210.11.5Fixed being able to use Rend to kill Voidgloom Seraphs in a single hit.
June 3, 2021Increased Null Sphere drops from 1-3, 9-18, 56-64, 95-145 to 2-3, 14-24, 60-80, 105-155.