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The Wardrobe is an interface accessed via the SkyBlock Menu, or with the command /wd, where players can store their armor sets. It can be unlocked upon reaching Stone Sword.png Combat V(5).

The number of armor sets players may store in there depends on their rank. For example, an [MVP+] player can store 18 armor sets.


Hand Cursor Icon.png Tip: click on certain slots to change the UI or go to another article!
Wardrobe (1/2)
Slot 1 HelmetSlot 2 HelmetSlot 3 HelmetSlot 4 HelmetSlot 5 HelmetSlot 6 HelmetSlot 7 HelmetSlot 8 HelmetSlot 9 Helmet
Slot 1 ChestplateSlot 2 ChestplateSlot 3 ChestplateSlot 4 ChestplateSlot 5 ChestplateSlot 6 ChestplateSlot 7 ChestplateSlot 8 ChestplateSlot 9 Chestplate
Slot 1 LeggingsSlot 2 LeggingsSlot 3 LeggingsSlot 4 LeggingsSlot 5 LeggingsSlot 6 LeggingsSlot 7 LeggingsSlot 8 LeggingsSlot 9 Leggings
Slot 1 BootsSlot 2 BootsSlot 3 BootsSlot 4 BootsSlot 5 BootsSlot 6 BootsSlot 7 BootsSlot 8 BootsSlot 9 Boots
Slot 1: Not EquippedSlot 2: Not EquippedSlot 3: Not EquippedSlot 4: Not EquippedSlot 5: Not EquippedSlot 6: Not EquippedSlot 7: Not EquippedSlot 8: Not EquippedSlot 9: Not Equipped
Black Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngGo BackCloseBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.pngGo to Wardrobe 2/2

Armor Slots[]

Each Rank gets a different amount of slots to use in the wardrobe menu as follows.

Rank Slots
Default 2
[VIP] 5
[VIP+] 9
[MVP] 13
[MVP+] 18


  • There used to be a Wardrobe dupe glitch shown by the user Foogle, but it was patched before the wardrobe was released to the general public
  • When the wardrobe is disabled the armor texture changes to undyed armor (not purple) to signify that it is disabled, this is usually due to the developers fixing an issue caused by the wardrobe


SkyBlock Prototype
June 2, 20200.7.9Added Wardrobe.
May 16, 2021Wardrobe temporarily disabled
May 17, 2021Wardrobe re-enabled