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The Wither Armor is a Legendary Dungeon Armor set that can be obtained from post-boss chests in The Catacombs - Floor VII.


Dungeon Reward Chests[]

Wither Armor can be obtained from Dungeon Reward Chest within The Catacombs - Floor VII. When picked up, it has a chance to be upgraded with 1-5 stars, Growth VI, Protection VI, and/or Recombobulated.


Reward Chest Drop Chance Cost
Default S+
Diamond 0.52% 4,000,000 coins
Emerald 1.08% 4,000,000 coins
Obsidian 3.06% 3.32% 4,000,000 coins
Bedrock 5.58% 6.06% 4,000,000 coins
Diamond (Master) 0.52% 4,000,000 coins
Emerald (Master) 1.44% 1.82% 4,000,000 coins
Obsidian (Master) 3.66% 3.84% 4,000,000 coins
Bedrock (Master) 6.85% 6.97% 4,000,000 coins


Reward Chest Drop Chance Cost
Default S+
Obsidian 0.31% 10,000,000 coins
Bedrock 0.54% 10,000,000 coins
Obsidian (Master) 0.32% 10,000,000 coins
Bedrock (Master) 0.92% 0.98% 10,000,000 coins


Reward Chest Drop Chance Cost
Default S+
Emerald 0.54% 6,000,000 coins
Obsidian 1.25% 6,000,000 coins
Bedrock 3.23% 3.5% 6,000,000 coins
Emerald (Master) 0.54% 6,000,000 coins
Obsidian (Master) 2.2% 2.26% 6,000,000 coins
Bedrock (Master) 4.46% 6,000,000 coins


Reward Chest Drop Chance Cost
Default S+
Gold 1.06% 2,500,000 coins
Diamond 1.04% 2,500,000 coins
Emerald 2.93% 3.72% 2,500,000 coins
Obsidian 8.09% 8.6% 2,500,000 coins
Bedrock 6.23% 6.43% 2,500,000 coins
Gold (Master) 1.06% 2,500,000 coins
Diamond (Master) 1.6% 1.9% 2,500,000 coins
Emerald (Master) 4.09% 4.16% 2,500,000 coins
Obsidian (Master) 9% 9.03% 2,500,000 coins
Bedrock (Master) 7.18% 7.15% 2,500,000 coins

Necron Collection[]

The Wither Helmet, Chestplate and Leggings can be obtained as rewards through the Necron Collection.

  • Wither Helmet Wither Helmet: Necron III, after killing Necron 150 times
  • Wither Chestplate Wither Chestplate: Necron VI, after killing Necron 750 times
  • Wither Leggings Wither Leggings': Necron V, after killing Necron 500 times


Each piece of the armor reduces incoming damage from Withers by 10%.

When the full set is worn, a small wither will spawn and hover around the player. When it approaches an enemy, it will fly to that enemy and explode, dealing area damage based on the player's ๑ Ability Damage [Confirm]. The wither respawns every 30 seconds. Faint blue particles surround the wearer when the full set is worn.


Wither Armor can be upgraded into Storm's, Goldor's, Maxor's, or Necron's Armor, by surrounding any piece with any 8 of the respective Precursor Relics.

Upgrading the armor will keep all existing upgrades such as stars, reforges, potato books and enchantments. Variants of Wither Armor can also be converted between each other using the appropriate Precursor Relic.

Maxor's Armor[]

Bigfoot's LassoBigfoot's LassoBigfoot's Lasso
Bigfoot's LassoWither HelmetBigfoot's Lasso
Bigfoot's LassoBigfoot's LassoBigfoot's Lasso

Maxor's Helmet

Goldor's Armor[]

Jolly Pink RockJolly Pink RockJolly Pink Rock
Jolly Pink RockWither HelmetJolly Pink Rock
Jolly Pink RockJolly Pink RockJolly Pink Rock

Goldor's Helmet

Storm's Armor[]

L.A.S.R.'s EyeL.A.S.R.'s EyeL.A.S.R.'s Eye
L.A.S.R.'s EyeWither HelmetL.A.S.R.'s Eye
L.A.S.R.'s EyeL.A.S.R.'s EyeL.A.S.R.'s Eye

Storm's Helmet

Necron's Armor[]

Diamante's HandleDiamante's HandleDiamante's Handle
Diamante's HandleWither HelmetDiamante's Handle
Diamante's HandleDiamante's HandleDiamante's Handle

Necron's Helmet

Essence Crafting[]

Essence Required
Wither Essence.png
Wither Essence
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png505010010075755050275275
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png100150200300150225100150550825
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png2003503506502504752003501,0001,825
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png3507006001,2504008753507001,7003,525
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png 5001,2001,0002,2507001,5755001,2002,7006,225



  • When the armor was first released, crafting Wither Armor into its upgraded form would keep the color code of  #000000, creating incredibly rare, "exotic" colored armor.
    • On March 1st, 2022, an update was released, containing a bug that caused the same thing to happen, making colored armor worth much less.
      • This was patched within a few hours, but many new black variants were created in that time.
  • Divine (previously Supreme) Wither Armor and its variants were possible to obtain if the armor was glitched and was recombobulated twice from opening Dungeon Reward Chest.
  • Sometimes while a player is a ghost in dungeons, the full set ability will still spawn and explode on enemies.


SkyBlock Prototype
Nov 17, 20200.9.13Wither Helmet.pngWither Chestplate.pngWither Leggings.pngWither Boots.png Added Wither Armor.