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Wolf Slayer is a Slayer Quest that involves killing wolves to spawn the Sven Packmaster. The player must first defeat the Tier II Tarantula Broodfather to unlock Wolf Slayer. See Slayer for specifics.

Boss Sven Packmaster
Main Crafting Resources Wolf Tooth Golden Tooth


The following Mobs give experience towards completing an active Wolf Slayer quest. Some of the listed mobs appear at random only if the player has a higher tier slayer quest. While some mobs are much tougher, they provide much more experience. The amount of base Stone Sword.png Combat skill experience a mob gives is marked in the brackets.

Location / Tier Mobs Stone Sword.png Combat XP
⏣ Ruins Wolf Sprite.png Wolf 10
Wolf Sprite.png Old Wolf 40
⏣ Howling Cave Wolf Sprite.png Pack Spirit 15
Wolf Sprite.png Howling Spirit 15
Wolf Sprite.png Soul of the Alpha 50
Tier III Wolf Sprite.png Pack Enforcer 150
Tier IV Wolf Sprite.png Sven Follower 250
Wolf Sprite.png Sven Alpha 500


These are possible Minibosses that could spawn upon killing a Wolf when a Sven Packmaster Slayer quest is active. It is also possible to spawn another miniboss directly after killing one.

Name ❤ Health ᚏ Damage Stone Sword.png Combat XP
Given Upon Death
Minimum Tier to Spawn Drops
Wolf Sprite.png Pack Enforcer 45,000 360 100 Tier III
Wolf Sprite.png Sven Follower 125,000 1,200 250 Tier IV
Wolf Sprite.png Sven Alpha 480,000 2,200 500 Tier IV

Leveling Rewards

All listed stat bonuses are permanent. See Sven Packmaster for more detailed breakdown on drops.

LVL Stats / Rewards Recipes Unlocked Boss Drops Unlocked Rank
Drop Boss
Drop Chance
1 +1% ✦ Speed Red Claw Talisman Wolf Tooth I+ Guaranteed(100%) Noob
Hamster Wheel II+ Occasional(20%)
2 +2 ❤ Health Radiant Power OrbGolden Tooth ◆ Spirit Rune I II+ Rare(5%) Novice
3 +1% ✦ Speed
Maddox Batphone Maddox Batphone
Shaman Sword Skilled
4 +2 ❤ Health Mastiff CrownMastiff ChestplateMastiff LeggingsMastiff Boots Enchanted Book III+ Extraordinary(1%) Destroyer
Furball III+ Extraordinary(1%)
5 +1% ☠ Crit Damage Red Claw RingEdible MaceWeird TubaRed Claw Artifact Red Claw Egg III+ Pray RNGesus(<1%) Bulldozer
6 +3 ❤ Health
Slayer Veteran Bonus (if not unlocked)
Mana Flux Power OrbPooch SwordHelmet of the PackChestplate of the PackLeggings of the PackBoots of the Pack ◆ Couture Rune I IV+ Pray RNGesus(<1%) Savage
7 +2% ☠ Crit Damage Hunter TalismanHunter RingOverflux Power OrbPlasmaflux Power Orb Overflux Capacitor IV+ Pray RNGesus(<1%) King Hunter
Grizzly Bait IV+ Pray RNGesus(<1%)
8 +1% ✦ Speed
Perk: Lose 5% less coins on death
Large Slayer Sack
Bartender Sprite.png Bartender: Wolf Fur Mixin Wolf Fur Mixin
Pack Leader
9 +5 ❤ Health Alpha Wolf


SkyBlock Prototype
Oct 11, 20190.7.2Wolf.png Added Wolf Slayer.