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Zombie Soldier Armor is an Epic and rarely Legendary Dungeon Armor Set that can be obtained from Zombie Soldiers in The Catacombs.

While in Dungeons, its stats will receive a percentage buff based on one's Dungeoneering skill level with additional 10% stat buffs dependent on the number of stars it has. The stats listed are the armor being outside of Dungeons, as the dungeon buff given to the armor varies with the number of stars and the Catacombs skill the player has.

Essence Crafting[]

Essence RequiredUndead Essence.png Undead Essence
ActionHelmetChestplateLeggingsBootsWhole Set
Star Icon.png15151515151515156060
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png3045304530453045120180
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png60105601056010560105240420
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png120225120225120225120225480900
Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png Star Icon.png2404652404652404652404659601,860

Top Quality Stats[]

Floor Number Helmet Chestplate Leggings Boots Total
Floor 3 39Health icon.pngHP
78Defense icon.pngDef
78Health icon.pngHP
147Defense icon.pngDef
62Health icon.pngHP
128Defense icon.pngDef
32Health icon.pngHP
66Defense icon.pngDef
???Health icon.pngHP
???Defense icon.pngDef
Floor 4


42Health icon.pngHP
86Defense icon.pngDef
???Health icon.pngHP
???Defense icon.pngDef
68Health icon.pngHP
141Defense icon.pngDef
35Health icon.pngHP
72Defense icon.pngDef
???Health icon.pngHP
???Defense icon.pngDef
Floor 5


47Health icon.pngHP
95Defense icon.pngDef
93Health icon.pngHP
179Defense icon.pngDef
75Health icon.pngHP
155Defense icon.pngDef
38Health icon.pngHP
80Defense icon.pngDef
253Health icon.pngHP
509Defense icon.pngDef
Floor 6


51Health icon.pngHP
104Defense icon.pngDef
104Health icon.pngHP
195Defense icon.pngDef
83Health icon.pngHP
170Defense icon.pngDef
41Health icon.pngHP
87Defense icon.pngDef
279Health icon.pngHP
556Defense icon.pngDef
Floor 7


57Health icon.pngHP
113Defense icon.pngDef
113Health icon.pngHP
215Defense icon.pngDef
90Health icon.pngHP
186Defense icon.pngDef
45Health icon.pngHP
96Defense icon.pngDef
320Health icon.pngHP
610Defense icon.pngDef
Floor 8*


???Health icon.pngHP
???Defense icon.pngDef
125Health icon.pngHP
236Defense icon.pngDef
???Health icon.pngHP
???Defense icon.pngDef
???Health icon.pngHP
???Defense icon.pngDef
???Health icon.pngHP
???Defense icon.pngDef
Floor 9*


69Health icon.pngHP
137Defense icon.pngDef
137Health icon.pngHP
260Defense icon.pngDef
110Health icon.pngHP
225Defense icon.pngDef
???Health icon.pngHP
???Defense icon.pngDef
???Health icon.pngHP
???Defense icon.pngDef

*Note: Floor 8, Floor 9 and Floor 10 are codenames, they are obtained from M5, M6 and M7.


  • This armor set is the best budget dungeon armor set when paired with a Bonzo's Mask.
  • For lower-leveled dungeon players, this set is one of the best sets in dungeons. At the cost of having to repair it over time (fortunately, it has a lot of durability, enough to last for hundreds of runs) and dealing less damage compared to that with Adaptive Armor on, it costs only about 5% as much as full Adaptive. Additionally, it gives more EHP than Adaptive and it is on par with Zombie Knight Armor for Tanks.
  • The helmet should be replaced with Bonzo's Mask for players new to Dungeons. For Mages, both the Bonzo's Mask and the Dark Goggles/Shadow Goggles are good options, though the latter option rewards high damage at the cost of low effective health. If one choose the Goggles, one is advised to add Hot Potato Books to the Goggles to compensate for the lack of base Health icon.pngHealth and Defense icon.pngDefense.


SkyBlock Prototype
July 7, 20200.8Added Zombie Soldier Armor.